Erik Holmberg
Digital + Analog Creative

J. Stark


After years of being immersed in the digital world I set out to create a business based on making physical goods with my hands. Our products are stocked in some incredible boutiques, our retail shop has been featured in the New York Times, and our briefcase in Forbes Magazine. What I'm most proud of, however, is that an idea which started on a workbench in my living room now provides high-paying jobs for people to work with their hands and an experiential retail shop that serves as a community hub.


WordPress E-Commerce Plugin

At the time there were only few E-Commerce platforms available for small to medium sized companies and they were either too expensive, too slow, or too bloated with features that most people don't use. For these reasons, I wanted to build a platform to launch my own store and also give it away for free to other makers so they could focus on putting money toward growing their business.


Senior Software Engineer

Joining on as the fifth employee and first developer I was tasked with laying out a roadmap for growth and technological innovation. I made us early proponents and users of responsive development. While training all new developers and creating libraries of reusable code and best practices, I also built sites for a sorta big electronics company, a James Beard award winning chef's new endeavor, a chess Grandmaster, and the guy who created love.


Web Application + Bookmarklet

When online shopping I noticed I was frequently checking back on sites to see if a product I wanted to buy had gone on sale. In order to save time I developed a JavaScript Bookmarklet and Web App that would allow you to save a product on major online shopping sites and the app would periodically check back on those products and then notify you when they went on sale.


Senior Software Engineer

I developed web applications to help the Sales Division manage the customer journey and reliably predict touch points and actions that lead to closings on deals. I was also a part of a team that developed and launched the company's biggest identity and website overhaul in its history. One of my last projects involved proposing sales opportunities and trends in analytics visualizations.